Understanding and Mitigating Cyber Risk

Cyber Security

Cyber risk is a business risk.

A cyber-attack can negatively affect your business reputation, halt the business operations, impose severe financial damages, and legal consequences.

Cyber threats are invisible and can go undetected for a long time before an attack occurs. These cybercriminals cause damage to businesses every day through ransomware, stolen data, social engineering, or local malicious actors.

The proper security protocols and procedures are needed to protect your enterprise’s digital infrastructure, assets, and reputation.

However, it’s important to note that network security is only one “important” segment of cybersecurity. Your enterprise needs a cybersecurity risk mitigation plan added to its network security.

Safeguarding Operations

One necessary part of safeguarding your business’s operations is to prepare for the worst.

When a cyber incident happens – either by ransomware that paralyzes the entire operation or stolen sensitive data – your business will face operation disruption, loss of reputation, and most likely legal consequences.

Risk Mitigation Plan

The Zodiac Cyber Risk Mitigation Program is a custom-designed product.

Our program prepares your enterprise for when a cyber-attack happens. It trains your employees for a quick and calculated response and keeps the integrity of your organization during the disruption.

The Cyber Risk Mitigation Program includes the following 3 phases:

  1. Prevention

Prevention is a multi-facet operation and starts with securing the network.

It includes auditing the digital infrastructure, physical security, software and application inventory, privileged access, and segmentation.

Personnel training is an important part of this phase. By having a well-prepared enterprise with cyber aware employees your business will survive most cyberattacks.

Early detection of intrusion will terminate the threat and remove the risk of an attack.

  1. Response

After a cyber-attack happens, your enterprise’s data and operations are negatively affected. The goal of this phase is to keep the business in operation, control the chaos, and keep the system in order while removing the threat from the system.

The end goal is to minimize disruption, keep serving customers, maintain the business reputation, and mitigate legal consequences.

  • Recovery

Recovery happens after the threat is removed and a damage control procedure is in place to recover the enterprise stolen data and damaged network to put it back to normal.

Reporting to law enforcement and recording the evidence are parts of this phase.

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