Case Study: Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence

Allan Jackson was looking for an up-to-date wireless nurse call system to install at Hazeldean Gardens Retirement Residence, but was having difficulties in finding one that checked all the boxes until he discovered Zodiac.

Jackson is the President of Capital Commercial Investment, a commercial real estate and advisory firm. As a partner with Hazeldean Gardens, he acts on behalf of developers, buyers, and sellers.

“During the development process, when we were mid-construction on the building, we were looking for a company and more specifically, a nurse call company,” he said.

Jackson explained that when he and his team were looking for a nurse call system a lot of the companies seemed to be using very old technology.

“Anything that is physically wired into the building doesn’t allow you to make changes in the future,” he said. “It was also hard to get into touch with the number of other suppliers and manufacturers.”

Jackson knew that he needed a state-of-the-art system with reliable support, and as luck had it, he soon found exactly what he was looking for.

It was his father who had bumped into Hesam Mahdavi, Vice President and Co-Founder at Zodiac Light Waves, at the Fifty-Five Plus Lifestyle Show.

“That’s how we engaged with Zodiac and then we quickly learned what they could do,” he said. “We knew we needed a wireless nurse call system – which was becoming difficult to find – and Zodiac definitely checked all the right boxes and provided all the services we were looking for.”

The Decision

“The decision was led with a nurse call. All the other services that they could provide were a bonus, but at the time were specifically looking for a nurse call system,” he said. “And to be honest, the comparison was quite easy with the other competitors.”

Jackson stated that the flexibility of the wireless nurse call system is what stood out the most.

“This gives us the ability to change in the future and then also add WiFi, security cameras, utilities, telephone, and cable,” said Jackson. “Zodiac’s system grows with our needs. You can add any items at any time that are wireless. So that was a huge benefit for us when we were looking at the competitors.”

He pointed out that not only did Zodiac help install and maintain the systems, but they also trained every single member of the staff to ensure they knew how to use the system.

“I know Hesam was on site for at least a couple of weeks training everybody,” he said. “He was very hands-on, he did a good job training everybody, and helped them learn the system quite quickly and I know that if there is an issue it’s just one call away.”

System Flexibility

“Intuitive describes Zodiac in terms of the technologies, but also in terms of their sales and support,” said Jackson. “Wireless technology is the backbone of this system and because we worked and engaged with Zodiac early in the process, they ensured that we had a proper WiFi network in the building that was robust.”

Jackson stated that Zodiac was the right choice for him because of how the system grows as technology evolves.

“I’m comfortable that we have the backbone structure in the building to allow us to continue to grow as our residents’ needs change or as the technologies themselves evolve. We have the ability to add different bells and whistles in the future if we need them,” he said. “That allows us to save money upfront because we don’t have to build everything into every single room of the building. You can build what you think you need then you have the flexibility of adding at a later date if your needs change or the needs of the residents in that suite change.”

For example, Hazeldean Gardens had bedside push stations originally installed in all of the assistant care rooms. Those push stations – which generally are only needed in all assisted care rooms – weren’t installed in the independent living rooms. But since then, they’ve added 4-5.

“I believe that as the residents’ needs change, they want to add a push station or feel more comfortable, we can put a bedside station right in that room,” said Jackson. “Another item would be the door alarms. With Zodiac, we have the ability to add a wireless door alarm to any door in the building, for security, for safety, and comfort of mind for the residents.”

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