Zodiac’s Wireless Nurse Call System Helps Steve Robertson Find Success

Steve Robertson is a long-time business professional, focusing on cultivating a comfortable environment for the elderly through the use of technological innovation and infrastructure.

As a Director of Technology and Innovation for Responsive Group, Robertson has a keen eye for healthcare-focused systems that warrant a place in long-term care facilities.

Having co-founded several successful companies pivoting around technology and senior care providers, his goal is to harness the power of innovation to create stability for long-term care staff and patients.

He actively seeks out nimble solutions in the name of higher efficiency and patient care, while also being diligent about sifting through the myriad of products and services on the market to find the best fit.

Enter Zodiac Light Waves, a company focusing on Wireless Nurse Call Systems & industry-leading innovations in phone, network, security and surveillance since 1997.

It’s Zodiac’s Wireless Nurse Call System in particular that aligns with Robertson’s vision for a safe haven for seniors and a perfect fit for Responsive Group Inc’s comprehensive array of services that can leverage this technology.

A nursing home management company, Responsive serves 36 properties across the province.

Armed with Zodiac’s Wireless Nurse Call System, some of these homes are now equipped with this wireless system (versus the traditional wired systems) to help respond to the needs of seniors, monitor data for patients for a more streamlined approach to care, and allows for easy integration into any facility’s existing infrastructure.

“They’ve got a very progressive and forward-thinking product mix, but they are small and dynamic enough to be able to respond quickly if we need support,” mentions Robertson.

Robertson, who speaks highly of product development at Zodiac, expands on how that integrates with their diligent customer service.

“Hesam brings up something new every time we talk,” he mentions, referring to Zodiac’s Co-Founder Hesam Mahdavi, the main point of communication that bridges Robertson with Zodiac.

Robertson has been familiar with Zodiac and Mahdavi for around 8 years, and as a result, was also aware of their operations, capabilities, and roadmap for future development. Trusted by Robertson, he mentions that this constant innovation and dedication to customer support brought about by Hesam and his team is not typical in an industry that is notoriously tough to break into.

Why A Wireless Nurse Call System?

Zodiac Light Wave’s Wireless Nurse Call System is engineered to link residents with staff, free from the constraints of wires.

This allows for an easy installation process, and the ability to create a centralized system that all devices interact with. The flexibility to customize a system based on this wireless web allows owners to have control over each element of their community.

With safety being the utmost concern and priority in care facilities, wireless infrastructure can lead to quicker detection of emergencies for patients who may be in need.

Combined with Zodiac’s pedigree for cybersecurity and risk mitigation, you can feel assured that patient and staff privacy is protected.

And it’s with this in mind that Roberston praises this technology and its features, which include 900 MHz spread spectrum technology, statistical reports packages, password protection, and alarm prioritization.

“They’re taking feedback that we provide about how it has to work in order to provide the best level of care for our residents,” he adds.

To find out more about Zodiac’s Wireless Nurse Call System, visit: https://zodiaclightwaves.com/product/nurse-call/