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We believe great Wi-Fi begins with a remarkable design. That's why we offer our customers the latest in wireless network design, including heatmaps. A Wi-Fi heatmap allows us to see how good your wireless network coverage is and provides a key component of Wi-Fi troubleshooting by letting us identify any areas that may need improvement.

A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), also known as a Wi-Fi network, is part of an overall LAN design. The number of Wi-Fi devices is increasing every day, fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, Wi-Fi is a developing and demanding part of every business that is constantly in need of refinement.

A professionally designed Wi-Fi network guarantees connectivity, speed, and data transmission safety. The security of network data is of paramount importance to every business, and strong WLAN security is achieved only by our skilled and experienced professionals using the latest technology.

Our Services:

  • Site survey
  • Predictive design
  • Deployment and installation
  • Validation and fine-tuning
  • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
  • Monitor and maintenance
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WLAN: What We Do

A professional WLAN design starts with collecting the customer's requirements. By understanding how your business works, we can use predictive design to create a solution with your demands in mind. Our professional WLAN installation services include Wi-Fi validation to ensure strong Wi-Fi performance.

We design Wi-Fi networks not only for the healthcare industry, Retirement Homes, Long term cares and hospitals and medical clinics but also for warehouses, enterprises and campuses. Whether you need wireless coverage in a large open area or a secure network that can handle sensitive data, we have the experience and skills to give you the best solutions.

At Zodiac Light Waves, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable and secure WLAN solutions that exceed their expectations. We offer cloud services for the protection of data and enhanced security of your WLAN.

Wi-Fi Site Survey

See & Solve Wi-Fi Problems

We collect data with a site survey walk-through. Measuring end-to-end or throughput with an active survey, along with a passive survey and a spectrum survey, gives us all the information we need. There is no pre-configuration necessary. We can analyze the data and predict how well your Wi-Fi network will perform using sophisticated tools.

Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

See & Solve Wi-Fi Problems

With a combination of the latest tools, software, and skilled professionals, Wi-Fi troubleshooting becomes easier. We can identify and resolve problems with your WLAN, including coverage issues, security configurations, interference from other devices and troubleshooting for connected users.

Wi-Fi troubleshooting is essential for businesses that rely on a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. By identifying and resolving problems early, you can avoid costly downtime and disruption to your business.

Wi-Fi Heatmap

A Wi-Fi heatmap generated via a site survey provides visual information on Wi-Fi health. We can determine the best placement for access points from a Wi-Fi heatmap and identify areas where your coverage may be lacking. With a Wi-Fi heatmap, we can also see how much electromagnetic interference is affecting your network, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments to improve performance.

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Cyber Security

Secure Wifi Overview

SMBs often have diverse WLAN requirements that set them apart from large campuses or distributed enterprises. Fortinet understands this and provides a full suite of secure WLAN products designed to cover the unique requirements of different organizations. For assistance choosing an AP, see our AP Product selector.

Configuration and management of your wireless environment can be done directly with one of our FortiGate UTM appliances or directly via our hosted cloud.

Fortinet's wireless solutions integrate with our location analytics platform, Forti Presence. This enables real-time location and device tracking.

Security of WLAN network

Network security is a major concern for every business, and addressing security issues is one of the most important parts of design and deployment. With our skilled professionals and advanced technology, we can ensure that your network is safe and secure from hackers, unauthorized access and other threats.

Our cloud management technology makes it possible to provide security at the enterprise level. We also offer proactive monitoring to keep an eye on your WLAN, identify potential threats and implement solutions to keep your network safe.
If you're looking for a reliable partner to help you design and maintain a high-quality WLAN, turn to Zodiac Light Waves. Our skilled professionals have the experience and technology needed to provide unbeatable Wi-Fi solutions.


We provide wireless LAN assessment services that help businesses identify and resolve any issues with their Wi-Fi network. Assessment is the first step in every design, whether a new design or a review for optimizing an already installed system.
Whether you need to improve coverage, security, or performance, our experienced professionals have the skills and technology to get the job done.

New design

New Wi-Fi design starts with assessing the installation site with a site survey and collecting requirements from the customer. Our Wi-Fi designer team will work with you to develop a high-performance WLAN design tailored to your specific needs, based on the desired application of the Wi-Fi and the organization's expectations.

Once the design is complete, we can deploy the system and provide training on using it efficiently and effectively.

Wi-Fi Validation

We evaluate and validate an operating Wi-Fi system for optimization and performance enhancement. Wi-Fi validation ensures that a WLAN is working as intended and meets users' needs.

Using various testing methods, we evaluate the system's performance and make sure that it meets the requirements for data rate and capacity. We also verify security measures, identify any potential vulnerabilities, and test for compliance with industry standards.

After validation, we provide recommendations on improving the system, if necessary. This can include wireless network configuration changes, re-arrangement of the access points, or an entirely new WLAN design.

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