Wireless Nurse Call Server

Wireless Nurse call System


The Zodiac Wireless Nurse Call system offers the unique ability to meld many patient technology systems into one centralized system to provide patient focused care with superior facility management.

  • It easily installs into any size facility, whether it be a single building or a 100 acre campus.
  • It integrates with smoke and motion detectors, wandering patient door equipment, pocket pagers, wireless phones, two way radios, IPAD’s, cell phones, central station monitoring and other software and hardware options.
  • Its flexibility allows us to customize a system that will meet the needs of your facility now and grow with you as your requirements expand.
  • With our wireless nurse call serve you can provide improved safety for patients and staff plus managed freedom for your residents in a system that will never be outdated.

Patient information, statistical call analysis reports with staff response times, active and passive resident and staff check-in, patient bed turn notification, flexible alarm notification with escalation and so much more are all standard features of the powerful and flexible wireless nurse call server integration platform is engineered for the future to ensure it will continue to accommodate the growth and requirements of your community.

Caregivers can receive alarm call notification on:

  • Consoles
  • Pocket pagers
  • Two way radios
  • Portable Telephones
  • email
  • Cell phones
  • PDA’s
  • IPAD’s
  • LED reader boards
  • Remote monitors

All events are logged including staff response time for password protected management reports. In addition to alarm notification, text messages can be silently sent from any console or computer to any pocket pager, cell phone or employee group eliminating institutional overhead paging.

Send staff text messages for calls on hold plus scheduled reminders as needed. Notify staff for resident elopement, door/window exit, smoke detectors, motion detectors, bed/chair exit pads, equipment status, mass emergency notification, whatever your facility requires.

Why we are better

Our Wireless Nurse Call Server is engineered with the quality required for skilled and acute care combined with the ease of use needed by caregivers worldwide.

It uses the Windows 7® operating system, 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology and multiple wireless platforms to link your residents with your staff.

Go wireless when adding a new wing or building and save on conduit and wiring costs. For dome lights just add a single two wire loop through the corridors.

For a multi-building campus, add wireless repeaters to send assistance calls to the nearest console by day and a centralized console at night.

Choose our server option that allows you to manage all of your computer consoles from a central server whether you are on or off site.

Because the FCC allows higher transmit power for 900MHz spread spectrum systems, we provide superior in-building range and up to 10 times the range of 300MHz products.

It is also fully supervised and notifies staff when a low battery or inactive device is detected. In contrast, it takes some systems up to 24 hours to report an inoperative station and some wired or wireless nurse call systems are not supervised at all.

Standard Features

  • Windows 7® operating system
  • 900 MHz spread spectrum technology
  • Fully supervised (self-testing)
  • Alarm calls reset at the source
  • Low battery alert
  • Password protection
  • Visual/audible alarm prioritization
  • User replaceable long-life battery
  • Statistical reports package

More Features

  • Compatible with other call systems
  • Pendant fall alarm & wander notification
  • Internal & external batteries monitored
  • Programmable call escalation
  • Advanced management reports
  • Silent text messaging
  • Quality assurance verification
  • Timed egress alarm notification
  • Text messaging
  • Staff presence indication

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